Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pretty Little Liars = Pretty Little Demons

Ok Parents.... HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS?  I have been researching some of the basic information about the show "Pretty Little Liars".... Let's just say that Apostolic parents and teens have NO business watching this garbage. 

The following quotes are from Wikipedia:

"the idea was described as "Desperate Housewives for teens."

"The first novel, Pretty Little Liars, was released in October 2006.[1] It was followed by Flawless and Perfect in March and August 2007,[3][4] Unbelievable and Wicked in May and November 2008,[5][6]Killer in June 2009,[7] and Heartless in January 2010.[8][9] Wanted, announced as the eighth and final installment, was released on June 8, 2010.[10] In December 2010 Shepard announced that she would write four more novels in the series, beginning with Twisted, to be released in July 2011.[11][12]"

Publishers Weekly said of the first novel, "This is clique lit with a mystery twist: the author has spun a plethora of possibilities sure to make readers reach for the next installment in this planned four-book series and beyond."[17]{ "breathes new life into the tired genre of high society chick lit."[1] rated it 3 out of 5 stars, saying "This is fluffy guilty-pleasure fare, with few poopy surprises among either the character types or the plotting. Gossip Girl fans probably will enjoy this one -- but parents who read along will find plenty to cringe over."[18]

Ok let's focus along with this one phrase:  "but parents who read along will find plenty to cringe over".

Well according to the novels summaries online (which the tv series is based on) we parents have plenty to cringe over:
Teens have sex
Teens having sex with their teachers
Parents having affairs
Eating Disorders
Shop Lifting
Homosexuality between teens (the parents are made to look bad because they try to help "cure" their child)
Run Away Teen
More Murder
More Affairs and Teens being "involved" with adults.
Witchcraft (seance)
More murder
More parental affairs....with the other children's parents
More murder
Identity change among teen

2 more murders
More Kidnapping
Attempted murder

Now this show is supposed to be appropriate for teens? I DON'T THINK SO!!! It's not fit for ANYONE who calls themselves "Christian". Just look at the list.... "put no evil thing before thine eye"!

Now let's look at their "fashion"

Plunging neck line, thigh high skirts.

From "Evil Slutopia" these are supposed to be teens. Low necklines, cleavage showing, mini skirts.

I could keep posting but it's more sluty clothing. Yes I'm going to be that blunt.  UNLESS IT'S FOR SALE COVER IT UP. UNLESS YOU WANT INAPPROPRIATE REMARKS COVER IT UP.  (Don't get me wrong, NO woman/girl deserves to be harassed. But if you are teasing and leading men on with your clothing, you are just as much at fault as he is.)  It's like putting a hungry moody woman in a chocolate store and telling her she can't say have one.  DON'T BE GUILTY OF THE SIN OF CAUSING A MAN TO SIN.

Girls, ladies, COVER IT UP.  You can still be fashionable and not have your skin showing. Wear longer skirts and high necklines.

The show is INAPPROPRIATE for teens. Especially those who proclaim to be "Christian."

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