Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting organized: Using a calendar

One of the keys to getting organized is to use a calendar so you don't forget important dates.
Don't have too many calendars around the house then you get confused. I suggest 2-3 at the most: 1 Electronic Calendar like on the iPhone or other smart phones. The other 1-2 should be a master calendar that everyone can see. I have 2 one on the wall of my kitchen that EVERYONE can see. It has everyone's appointments, tests, quizzed, trips, birthdays, etc on it. My personal master calendar has everything about everyone on it PLUS bill due dates and amount due. 
  1. My personal master calender is a monthly/daily type.  I use the monthly for an overview, then I use the daily for my "DO IT NOW" lists. 
  2. Check calendars DAILY! I check them the night before so that I can get clothes, diaper bags, paperwork, etc ready for the next day. Then I put it all by the front door so I have it in one spot ready to go.
  3. Use your calendar to plan your menus to prevent excess spending on take out. 
  4. Purposely plan to call/email a friend during the week. 
  5. Plan your Bible reading and your self-improvement reading. 
  6. Set your goals on your calendar and your checkpoints.
  7. Anytime something changes, change the other calendars.

The iPhone: When I set appointments in my iPhone I set 2 times with it. Either 1-2 days before AND 1-2 hours before. ALWAYS SET REMINDERS!

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