Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Son+Dinosaur Train=Valuable lesson in Team Spirit

It's no shock that kids love cartoons, but have you ever paid attention to what they are learning. I'm against "stupid cartoons" like Spongebob and such that have NO educational value and NO social benefits. Shows like Dinosaur Train, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Special Agent Oso, Imagination Movers, Veggie Tales, Gigi, etc. have an educational value and show kids how to interact with others. YES THIS IS THE PARENTS JOB! No, I don't believe the TV should be a baby sitter. But let's be honest, if you have to balance the checkbook, pay bills, or make an important phone call it's a benefit to have their full attention engaged for 30 minutes.

The kids have found the show "Dinosaur Train" while visiting Nana and Papa. This show is awesome because the kids learn about Dinosaurs, they learn more phonics skills by learn multiple syllable words like "Daspletosaurus" "Tyrannosaur" "Stygimolchs" "Brontosaurus" "Corythosaurus". Plus they learn about the science of dinosaurs and what a palaeontologist does.

"TEAM PTERANODON" photo from www.poptower.com full credit is given to them for the photo.

From the "storyline" of the show, Matthias has learn something that I never paid attention to: "Team Pteranodon" (see Pteranodon for the pronunciation).  The mom and dad Pteranodon will say to their kids "let's go team Pteranodon" and "way to go team Pteranodon".

Matthias has said  "This is cool. I like the idea of brothers and sisters and mom and dad are a team. Mom are we a team? Can we be a team... like team matthias, halle, malachi, mom, dad? Oh wait.... we are Spurlock right? So we can be "TEAM SPURLOCK". Does that sound cool mom?"
 He didn't give me a chance to answer any question. He thought his questions out loud and solved them all  without help. So now we are "Team Spurlock". He really likes the idea of creating a team spirit in the family.

In businesses, they create a "team spirit" to accomplish goals and better the business as a whole. (Here's an article from the UK about Developing Team Spirit)  Motivational speakers encourage creating positive environments (Here's a blog by one of the nations' newest but most motivational speaker's I've heard: Matt Maddix). Tangent time: Use these "5 Things our kids NEED" to help you create that "team spirit".  Sports and other organizations will tell you that "Team Spirit" is a vital part of their achievements (See Importance of Team Spirit). I'm not a sports person but I'm sure my husband (Matthew Spurlock) can educate me on team building in sports and in the Army.

EVEN THE BIBLE SAYS:  Matthew 12:25 Jesus knew their thoughts and replied, "Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed. A town or family splintered by feuding will fall apart. (NLT) and Mark 3:25 And if a household is divided against itself, that household will not last. (God's Word Translation).

So by just the evidence the Bible presents: CREATE A TEAM SPIRIT=CREATE A FAMILY THAT WILL LAST. Create an environment that will bind everyone together in a loving spirit and keep the family strong.

Well, leave it to God to have a child and a dinosaur teach a mom a valuable lesson in creating a positive attitude in the home. Thank God for kids... a Pteranodons. Now introducing "Team Spurlock"

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