Monday, January 3, 2011

Organize Toys with Ziploc and Plastic Containers

Toys groups by type/color in Ziploc bags then placed in a plastic storage bin.
What's one of the hardest rooms to organize? THE KIDS ROOMS/PLAY ROOM. All those toys. All those parts. All the mess!  With children ages 3 and older, those who are old enough to know NOT TO PUT PLASTIC BAGS around their mouth and head. This little tips is a MAJOR help to keep from losing little parts and keeping all the pieces together. Ziploc Storage Bags and Plastic Bins!  I use ziploc bags with the "zipper" on it so the kids can easily open and close them. I use quart and gallon size bags. Using the bags makes it easy to group toys together according to type and not be searching every where for all the little piece.

Toys in Ziploc bag with all the pieces in one bag.

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