Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awesome book giveway

For those of you who KNOW me, you know how much I love books. EVERY room in my house has a book that I'm reading. Yes I can keep up with all the story lines and information. I love everything from Christian Romance to Homemaking to Health to Homeschooling to Parenting and many in between.

At "The Legacy of Home" there is an awesome book giveaway.

Book - The Family Daughter - Becoming Pillars of Strength in our Father's House.
Author - Sarah L. Bryant
Publisher - KBR Ministries
Price - $12.00

"Ten chapters cover the following topics:

1. An Abundant Season.
2. In My Father's House.
3. Our Parent's Joy.
4. The Family Sister.
5. Pillars of Strength.
6. A Humble Maidservant.
7. The Spotless Maiden.
8. The Appointed Time.
9. Reflecting the Light.
10. Bouquet of Beauty."

Book information is taken from "The Legacy of Home" full credit is given.

The only thing better than a good book, is a FREE good book!

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