Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homemade Baby Wipes

Having more than one baby in diapers cost A LOT!!!!! I have been looking into ways to save money. Well I have given cloth diapers considerable thought, but I REALLY hate to do laundry so that just won't work for me. I have decided to save money by making my own baby wipes that contains soaps with lavender and tea tree oil.

Lavender has antispetic and antiinflammatory properties. Tea tree oil has antispetic and antifungal properties.

Please before using any essentials oils or soaps with essential oils in them, read for any precautions or warning labels. Some oils are completely safe on the skin but can be dangerous if swallowed.

To make 2 containers of wipes:
2 Plastic containers with lids (I use old huggies containers)
1 Roll Viva Paper Towels (Select-a-size type) (See Update)
2 TBS Avalon Lavendar Shower Gel (organic)
2 TBS Nature's Gate Tea Tree Liquid Soap (organic)
2 TBS Baby Oil
4 Cups Boiling Water (Allow to cool before using the wipes)

Prepare your paper towels by either cutting the roll in half and removing the cardboard from the center or tear each paper towel off.  {I cut the roll in half and then zig-zag fold it into the container.}

Boil your water get it to a good rolling boil. In a mixing bowl combine your soaps, oil, then add your water slowly 1 cup at a time. This will cause the ingredients to combine without making too many bubbles.

Next put 1/4 of your towel in the bottom of each containers. Add in 1 Cup of your liquid mixture. Give the towels a minute to soak it all up. Then place the remaining towel in the containers splitting them evenly. Add 1 cup of the liquid on the top of the towel.

Allow the towels to soak up the liquid. Now you have 230 wipes for the total cost of $2.72.

My initial investment was 4 rolls of Viva paper towels (I had a $1 off coupon when I buy 4) {$4.96/$1.25 each roll}; Avalon Organic Lavender Soap-12oz {$5.59/ $0.47 per oz}; Nature's Gate Tea Tree Liquid Soap-16oz {$4.29/ $0.27 per oz}; and the baby oil and wipes containers I had in my home. My initial investment is $14.84. However, I will be able to make 920 wipe out of these four rolls of paper towels. After using all the paper towels I will still have alot of soap left over to make more.

(Please note these prices are from DeCA-the military commissary. You may find coupons for these online to help cut cost. Also, health food stores may carry other organic brands at cheaper prices-but not always.)

I do recommend using only certified organic soaps in these so that you know for certain that only the highest quality products will be used on your precious baby.

***Please note that some people have reactions to lavendar oil and tea tree oil. Use precaution. All 3 kids and I have very sensitive skin and have never had a problem using essential oils.***

UPDATE: I HAVE FOUND BOUNTY WORKS BETTER (select a size). I bought my paper towels at Sam's this time. The price is a little less per roll. However, I knew I needed a large amount for Spring Cleaning.

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