Monday, October 18, 2010

Acting Out and Wisdom About Parenting

Matthias is starting to act out more, but he's learning quickly that mom isn't giving in and will NOT tolerate bad behavior. We do a lot of talks with discipline if needed. Direct defiance is the only action that requires a spanking (according to Dr. James Dobson). I personally believe that a corporal punishment should be the last resort, but I believe it is necessary. Too much will not make it effective. Children will determine "why try I'm just going to get in trouble".

Parenting is not all about behavior control. It's about giving them training them and teaching them in a way that what they believe is deeply rooted in them so that their behavior reflects their values. If you teach your children core values they will respect them.

I want my children to be respectful and loving. We must model for them who we expect them to be. If we want 2-faced Christians in the church, then we live a double life. If we want to raise little gossips, we gossip so our children will learn how.

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