Monday, March 8, 2010

Who will rule your children...Godly People or a Corrupt Government?

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Rules The World

We have our beliefs that the Bible tells us to TEACH to our children. But when we abandon our children to the whims of childcare outside of our beliefes we are giving our children over to the guidance of others. If the school system is ran by the government, then we are allowing the governement to train our children in their beliefs. In the public school system, they have changed history books to become politically correct. We are leaving sex education to the schools. Their education says it's ok to have sex as long as you use protection. They receive 40 hours a week of anti-religious instruction, but only 4-8 hours a week of Godly instruction while at church, maybe more at home but they receive minimal compared to the unGodly instruction they receive elsewhere.

Our daughters are taught that being a mother and homemaker is WORTHLESS, when it the ACTUAL call God placed upon the woman. Women that don't bring home a paycheck is a waste of life, is another lie that is fed to them. (I'm not against education and working, but when a woman becomes a wife her husband and her home, should be her priority. If the house is a mess and husband neglected while she is working, then she is NOT following the Godly priorities that God gave her.)

The girls are taught by "fashion" that looking like a whore with every curve showing and breast hanging out, that they have the "freedom" and "right" to show it off without any reprocusions. Boys are told "Don't touch, don't think about me, don't react." HELLO!!! Boys/men are visual creatures, they can't help but notice. Of course they NEVER have the right to touch, but IF IT'S NOT FOR SALE COVER IT UP!

Boys are taught that masculinity is WRONG and that they should be more LIKE GIRLS. They should allow the women to pursue their dreams and shouldn't expect them to raise the children, that's what daycare is for.  They are also taught that women are the same as men, just a few different parts.  That's like saying a Ferrari is like a Datsun, just a few different parts.

Our children are now being told that sexual orientation doesn't matter. You can be gay as long as you are happy. The doctrine of SELF is being taught everywhere. "It's all about me" is the way they are being taught. "The only sacrifice that is worth anyhting is the sacrifice that gets you things."

We are SACRIFICING our children to public ran schools because they are "free" and to daycares. The price we pay for free child care is our own children. Look at those who run the government and that will tell you what is happening. When you have socialist, marxist, and liberals in office-you are giving your children to them FREELY.

When The hand that rocks the cradle is too busy, someone else will rule your family.

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