Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Save $1000's on baby care!

Save $1000's on baby care! By switching to cloth diaper and making your own wipes!

There are more designs out there than the typical folded diaper with rubber pants. Most cloth diapers today look like regular diapers and are fitted.

Disposable Diapers for Malachi (6mths old) ($40.79) &  Halle(27mths old) ($39.81)

Based on ($80.60) from Sam's for 1 package diapers for each child 2 times a month
($80.60*2)= $161.20 per month
*12months= $1934.40 per year

For Malachi alone once I get Halle potty trained will be $978.96 per year * 2.5 years left in potty training = $2447.40
(the average child potty trains around age 3 which is what Matthias did and what Halle is on track for)

Investment for cloth diapers will range from ($100-$800). But you don't have to do it all at once. We are buying 4 diapers at a time for our investment until I have the correct amount I need. AND I will be able to use one type of diapers for both Halle and Malachi!

Savings so far by switch to "greener"-homemade/frugal Wipes:
Sam's Price $16.35 w/tax once a month = $196.20/year
If we have to buy wipes twice a month $392.40/year.
Switching to homemade initial investment: $14.84 in Nov/Dec of 2009.

Since that time I have used 1 roll of Bounty from a HUGE pack we bought at Sam's for the house. It cost was $17.00 for 12 (about $1.42 a roll).

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