Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just a thought... Can we cause our own depression?

  • Depression affects twice as many women as men.
  • 1/7 of women will suffer depression in their lifetime (
  • 73% of all psychiatric medications, including antidepressants, are prescribed to females (American Psychological Association)
  • 43 million women take antidepressant medications (Zestra Web site)
I'm not saying depression isn't a valid medical condition due to hormone changes, like post-partum depression, or even seasonal depression and life changes like "cabin fever" or "empty nest." 

But could some depressions be brought about by people being covetous, self-pity, going into debt to buy what they can't afford, or being out of God's will?

How often do we desire things we can't afford and put it on credit just to be a slave to debt? I know most of us have done this, but we should learn from our mistakes.
How often do we see the things that others have and not realize how hard they had to work to get it? It used to be that newly weds had very little furniture. How many now start out in debt just to have the look?
How many women sit around and have pity parties about different things? Not have a fancy car? not having designer "stuff"? being an "oppressed slave to husband and children" stay at home mom (which they aren't)?
How many women are leading the family (single: divorced, never married does not apply)? What happens spiritually and mentally to the husband and wife when the woman is out of her God given role?  I know some women have to work to help provide food, clothing, shelter, but as long as the man is leading the family then she's not out of her God given role.  (I will say that if a woman is working to have all the "extras" internet, tv, fancy cars and putting her children in childcare then she is wrong. Dr. Laura Schesslinger refers to this as abandoning children.)
This is just a thought... if we do these things, can WE be the CAUSE of our own depression? (note: this does not include horomonal changes and seasonal/life changing events)

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