Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Food: Bananas

All of my children loved banana baby food when they were beginning solids. However, freezing pureed bananas can be a trick. Usually they turn brown or slimy, however, this doesn't mean it's gone bad.  You just need to add an acid and a little water.

Banana Baby Food:
Lemon Juice or Orange Juice or "Fresh Fruit" by Ball used for canning

Add bananas to food processer with 1-2 TSP citric juice or fresh fruit.  (I use both).  Turn on, add water until the desired consistancey is achieved. The younger the baby, the thinner you want your bananas. If you get it too thin, it's ok.  Just add baby cereal to it when preparing the baby's food.

To freeze, use either the ice tray method or jar method:

To Freeze:

Cube Method:
  1. Place pureed bananas from processor into ice cube trays and freeze.
  2. Once frozen place in freezer bag and place bag in freezer.
  3. Defrost the needed amount of cubes as necessary.

Jar Method:
  1. Place in pureed bananas in Freezer jars, using a wide mouth funnel helps prevent spills. (use jars especially made for the freezer such as Ball/Kerr Blue Label canning jars). 
  2. Leave HEAD SPACE of about 1-1/2 inches.
  3. Place in freezer. Defrost 1 jar as needed. (To defrost jars move from freezer to refrigerator overnight.)

 (1 jar usually last 1 week for my son because i mix his food with oatmeal or barley)

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