Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Homemaker's Planner (pdf file) Giveaway (has a homeschool section)

I have created this planner for myself and have posted it on my etsy shop. It is all "fill in the blank" so that you can use it when YOU need it!  I hate buying planners and wasting half of it because I bought it too late. So I got creative with my computer!

I want to give away a couple copies of it for free to other homemakers. It has everything I need in it that I need. However, I'm not everyone....at least that's what I was told growing up LOL.

So I would like feedback from a couple of people of what to add/take away, etc. This is a Christian based theme with Titus 2:5 on the front.

If you are interested in this there are a few "rules"
1) Don't share this file with anyone without written permission from me. It's copyright law.
2) You must give feedback of the format within 15 days of receiving the file or you agree to pay the price on Etsy ($20.00).
{I'm not a hardcase. I know life happens....just send me an email if you don't have the time because something came up. I have 3 kids all under 4 so I KNOW things happen...kids get sick, printer doesn't work, internet goes out, computer doesn't work right. We can extend it another 5 days.}
3) Feedback is in your own format, but I ask for as much detail as possible.
4) If you like it, keep it and refer a friend to my Etsy shop.
5) If you don't like it....just delete the file and let me know why.

To enter in the drawing:
1) Go to http://www.honeyscreative.etsy.com/ to view a preview of the file and read the description. (10 pages are available for viewing, but there are 27 total). If you like the item or my store, please click on "Favorite" or "Heart this shop"
2) Click Follow Me on my blog http://www.honeyscreativehomemaking.blogspot.com/  OR " Like" on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/honeyscreativehomemaking OR "follow" on Twitter http://twitter.com/HoneysCreative OR two or all three.
3) Email honeyscreative@comcast.net  with your the username you hearted with on Etsy (if you did that). These must be included... Your real Name. The username/email address you used on Blogspot or Facebook or Both if you did both..  Now for the hard part: Tell me why you want to win a copy of the Homemaker's Planner (It can be a simple sentence..."I am looking for planner that fits my needs" and YOU MUST STATE THIS PARAGRAPH:

I, ____your name here___, agree to the rules stated in the contest.  This represents my legal electronic signature.

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