Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Power of Seven For Homemakers

I was sitting here today content on not doing anything but relaxing. Then rushing around in a messy house later, trying to get everything ready for church tomorrow.  Then I was praying for energy because I'm tired today.  It's like my "get up and go" has "got up and went".   Then I God said "I created and rested in 7 days. What can you do with 7 minutes?"     WOW!  Powerful thought.

What can I do with the next 7 minutes that God gives me?

I'll take the challenge and see....

OK, in that 7 minutes (using the kitchen timer) I was able to put clothes in the dryer, new load in the washer, and swept carper of the movie area of our living room.  (Our living room is a great room divided in half: movie area & homeschool area).  Oh yeah you did read that right... I swept the carpet. My vacuum was broken in a recent move and I'm waiting to get it fixed. However, the sweeping quickly helped pick up my heart rate and I'm not feeling as sluggish. Of course, I was rushing to do as much as I could in 7 minutes. I'm a competitive person so I like a challenge.  My heart will be better now that I've got it pumping faster than if I had sat on the couch "resting".

Now let's see if I what else I can do in 7 minutes...

WOW!  I worked for 14 minutes. My oldest son (5) woke up and wanted to help me clean (RARE). So I kept working.  In the first 7 minutes, I finished sweeping the carpet in the living room, opened the curtains, and swept half the kitchen. In the second 7 minutes, I finished sweeping kitchen and the laundry room, which is behind the kitchen, and we cleaned off the table.

I think I will base my cleaning upon "7".   I have read and used the Flylady system, which is a good system but it doesn't work for moms of little ones. When the kids are awake, 15 minutes is a large amount of time for them to stay busy without bothering mom, whereas, 7 minutes is perfect. If they are loving what they are doing then I can keep going with another 7 minutes giving me 14 minutes total.  I get a better feeling of accomplishment.  However, if I try working for 15 minutes and get interrupted and don't meet my goal I feel like I'm defeated. I see a win-win with 7 minutes.

UPDATE:  I'm able to clean anything even lacking motivation when I tell myself it's only 7 minutes.  To get my house all clean I bounce around between rooms every 7-14 minutes depending upon the task I'm doing.  Plus 7 minutes helps me realize I can quit after the 7 minutes are up. Some days my energy is too gone because I'm feeling ill, one of the kids are sick, or I was up late at night for whatever reason.  The only tasks that I must devote more than 7 minutes to are planning (menu, homeschool, budgeting, etc),  cooking, and doing taxes.



  1. I do 10 minutes - and I set the timer each time - 10 minutes of work, 10 minutes me time/kid time, 10 minutes of work on and on until I am done or my time is up. I can get tons done in these short amounts of time - more than when I do 30 minutes or more. Glad you found your number!

  2. I've done a challenge with some friends before that was 15 minutes. Great inspiration to renew that daily challenge to touch the parts of my house that only get visited at spring cleaning!! Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Have you been with FlyLady recently? lol At the beginning of last year, she suggested a system very similar to what you've been doing. "Let's go for 7 in 2011" became the year's catchphrase. I just thought it was amusing that you're both on the same track, even (it would seem) seperately. :)

  4. No I haven't been with Flylady recently. She's got a great "FLING" program that I love. However, I've adapted my own "fling" program that I will write about later on.

  5. Love it! I actually have trouble relaxing until I feel like everything is done. Sad, sad condition considering that things are never really done with a large family! But the times that I do have trouble getting moving, this is an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  6. Agreed!!! You're welcome. I'm so glad I was able to help.